Curtis Hertel Tries to Rewrite History

Career politician Curtis Hertel REALLY wants Michigan voters to believe he’s all about bipartisanship, but his long political record says otherwise…

In the State Senate, the real Curtis Hertel sided with his progressive colleagues and backed radical far-left policies time and again:

What’s even more telling, immigration and the economy are already the top two concerns of Michigan voters. No wonder Curtis Hertel is hoping to hide his partisan, anti-border security and anti-American energy record.

“It’s remarkable what career politicians like Curtis Hertel will say to get elected,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Curtis Hertel has a voting record proving he’s as liberal as the day is long, yet here he is lying to voters and calling himself ‘bipartisan.’ Michigan voters are smart enough to see Hertel for who he really is: a liberal politician who will back Joe Biden and the left’s radical agenda every chance he gets.”