Crooked Cartwright fundraising off his corruption scandal

Sure didn’t take long for Crooked Matt Cartwright to figure out yet another way to line his pockets. This time, Crooked Cartwright is blasting out fundraising emails begging for cash on the back of his swirling corruption scandal.

Just days after Crooked Cartwright’s shady self-enrichment scheme was exposed, Cartwright’s first thought is, “how can I use this to make myself another buck?”

What a crook! You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Click here to see his full email

“Crooked Matt Cartwright is everything that’s wrong with Washington,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Rather than fessing up to abusing his Congressional Office in a shady scheme to enrich his family’s law firm, he’s decided to use the scandal as a ploy to make a quick buck for his campaign. It’s Washington corruption at its worst and why Pennsylvania voters should reject Crooked Cartwright next fall.”