Caraveo Tries to Play Border Blame Game

As the illegal immigration crisis continues hammering Denver, Yadira Caraveo tried to pin blame on Republicans yesterday for “blocking solutions,” but here’s the truth:

Over a year ago, House Republicans passed border security legislation that included Remain in Mexico – effective immigration policy that most Americans agree with. 

And Yadira Caraveo voted against it.

And that’s not all – Caraveo has continued to vote against tougher border security measures, and she even called on President Biden to defund ICE and CBP.

“Yadira Caraveo’s blatant political spin isn’t fooling anyone,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “She can try to blame House Republicans all she wants, but the truth is obvious – Caraveo welcomed the migrant crisis to Denver and has allowed it to fester by repeatedly refusing to secure the border and voting against commonsense solutions like ‘Remain in Mexico.’”