Can’t explain “what you stand for”

We’re five months into her campaign for Congress, yet Mikie Sherrill’s own supporters don’t even know what she stands for. That’s a problem.

During an event yesterday, a supporter voiced concern with Sherrill’s lack of substance in her campaign, saying, “I don’t think I could leave here and explain to people what you stand for and so it’s hard to bring other people on board if there’s nothing to point to that’s really substantive…”

And those are comments from a supporter.

Sherrill’s response was even more cringe-worthy. She pointed out that her staff was still writing the issues page of her website, stating there were “several drafts of what we want to put on our website going around now. 

Is Sherrill waiting for the DCCC to approve her issue page? Or just as sad, waiting to see where the political winds blow? Considering she’s running for a seat in the U.S. Congress, Sherrill should know where she stands on key issues from the get-go, let alone five months in.