Candidate Delgado vs Congressman Delgado

As the Green New Deal debate roils through the ranks of House Democrats (despite its $93 trillion price tag!), Antonio Delgado has managed to be on every side of the issue. Luckily, Delgado is holding several town halls this weekend, providing New Yorkers with an excellent opportunity to learn what he actually believes.

When he was first running for office, Delgado fired up his base by running as a “Green New Deal candidate.”

In February, CLF exposed Delgado’s radical environmental agenda to his constituents in a digital ad.

After the ad ran, Delgado’s tune started to change. As The Intercept notes:

Rep. Antonio Delgado, the freshman from New York’s 19th District, was pressed repeatedly by constituents over his half-hearted support for the effort. He doesn’t support the Green New Deal, he told constituents at a town hall on February 16, though he noted that he backed certain aspects of the bill. Delgado said that he’s more interested in solutions that address the issues around climate change that can be solved now and that the bill as written does not sufficiently lay out a path for that kind of approach to the inevitability of climate crisis.

So what will it be this weekend, Antonio?

Watch CLF’s ad here