BRUTAL Week for Sean Patrick Maloney

DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney has been absolutely lambasted this week for his decision to abandon his district to primary a Black Democrat incumbent in the district next door.

And if Sean Patrick thinks he can just ride this one out,  it doesn’t look like the bad headlines are going away anytime soon!

  • New York Post: NY Democrats accusing one another of racism after gerrymander debacle
  • Daily Mail: Democratic Rep. now accuses campaign chair Sean Maloney of RACISM for wanting to run against black colleague Mondaire Jones in seat he won ‘decisively’ as party mess in New York gets worse
  • Politico: ‘Absolutely stunned’: New York House map sets off chaos, backbiting among Dems
  • Huffington Post: ‘Outrageous’: Top Democrat Under Fire For Undermining Incumbent In His Own Party
  • The Hill: Eying new House district, Democratic campaign chair faces backlash
  • Fox News: Dems in disarray: DCCC chair faces backlash for potentially primarying freshman progressive
  • Washington Free Beacon: ‘Extinction-Level Event’: Democrats Melt Down, Accuse Each Other of Racism After New York Courts Upend Their Gerrymander
  • MSNBC: Hayes on Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s ‘egregious pollical malpractice’
  • Daily Beast: Progressives Drag ‘Shameful’ Dem Leader as N.Y. Election Map Chaos Grows
  • Common Dreams: Progressives Condemn DCCC Chair for ‘Disgraceful’ Self-Dealing in NY Primary Debacle
  • MediaIte: Chris Hayes Accuses High-Ranking Democrat of ‘Egregious Political Malpractice’ Over Possible Primary of Fellow Democrat
  • Politico: Ocasio-Cortez calls on Maloney to resign DCCC chairmanship if he primaries colleague
  • Daily Caller: Dem Leadership Closes Ranks To Help Top Member Unseat Young Black Left-Winger
  • New York Magazine: A Lot of Democrats Are Mad at Sean Patrick Maloney
  • Bloomberg: Ocasio-Cortez Amps Up Democrats’ Feud Over Draft N.Y. House Map
  • Salon: N.Y. redistricting chaos leads to Democratic infighting, charges of “thinly veiled racism”
  • Washington Examiner: New York House Democrats pile on Maloney amid increasing infighting over districts
  • Politico: AOC brings more heat on Maloney