Ben McAdams whitewashes his record on abortion

Congressman Ben McAdams is trying to whitewash his record on abortion. In an interview this morning, McAdams told Utah Policy that he supports, “the sanctity of life at all stages,” but his record tells a different story.

As a state legislator, Ben McAdams was easily one of the state’s single most liberal legislators on abortion, often voting as a part tiny, tiny minority in favor of expanding abortion rights. His record:

  • McAdams voted in favor of allowing abortions to be performed without a medical professional.
  • McAdams voted to force religious health care providers – including members of the LDS Church – to perform abortions, even when it goes against their conscience or religious beliefs.
  • McAdams voted against requiring increased health inspections of abortion facilities.
  • McAdams voted against informed consent.
  • McAdams voted in favor of taxpayer-funding for abortion.

“Congressman Ben McAdams is fooling no one: his record on abortion is just as out-of-touch with Utah as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the socialists who’ve taken over his Democratic Party,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Ben McAdams was one of the single most radically pro-abortion legislators in the entire Utah legislature. He’s only now trying to change his tune now that he’s become one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country.”