Axne bashes Republicans, backs Pelosi’s slush fund

Pelosi’s “infrastructure” plan spends less than 7% on actual infrastructure — and that’s perfectly fine with Cindy Axne.

In a teletownhall meeting, Axne went on a ranting tirade saying that longtime progressive priorities deserve to be in the bill and attacked anyone who disagreed with her as “incredibly shortsighted” and “not very well thought-out.”

Guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Axne is, once again, parroting anything Pelosi tells her to.

“America needs new investment in its roads and bridges, but Axne is holding funding for these projects hostage for trillions in new spending for every progressive priority from childcare to a version of the Green New Deal,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “With American families and small businesses still recovering from COVID, now is not the time for economy crushing tax hikes that will destroy jobs and hurt wages just to get trillions for Axne’s left-wing wish list.”