Altman’s Progressive Record Is Catching Up to Her

The Washington Free Beacon reports that far-left Sue Altman has a deeply progressive record of advocating for reparations… but she’s hoping you won’t remember.

Since running for Congress, Altman has been quiet on most of her progressive causes, including the widely unpopular reparations. She’s even left the issue off her campaign website entirely.

But we remember when progressive activist Sue Altman led NJ’s Working Families Party, which backs reparations, and when Altman took it a step further to personally call for reparations many times.

“Clearly, Sue Altman thinks New Jersey voters are stupid. The face of New Jersey’s progressive left, Sue Altman is hoping voters will believe she’s a moderate candidate, but the truth is: a vote for Sue Altman is a vote for far-left extremism,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.