A few questions for Anthony Brindisi

Public opinion? Not Anthony Brindisi’s cup of tea. So it’s ironic that as a member of Congress he is now pretending to care what his constituents think. Based on his first couple months in DC, it is clear that the only person Brindisi listens to is Nancy Pelosi.

But, we aren’t giving up hope for a little clarity. Today’s town hall is a chance for Brindisi to stop talking around important issues and be clear with his constituents.

First, the Green New Deal. Brindisi has hidden behind platitudes about the widely mocked plan that seeks to ban air travel and cows while raising taxes on New Yorkers. Where does he really stand on fellow New Yorker AOC’s radical plan?

Next, the wall. Brindisi told local news that “he could support funding for physical barriers” but then went on to vote for a ban on border wall construction. Which is it?

Finally, Medicare for All. Brindisi has previously votedfor a single-payer system for New York, but is equivocating about taking his plan nationwide. His constituents deserve to know if Brindisi will try to take away their private health insurance sooner rather than later.