$69 Million in Taxpayer Funding and Counting, Thanks to Caraveo

The city of Denver has spent $69 million since December 2022 (and counting) to provide foodshelterhealth care, jobs, and education for illegal migrants – all at the expense of taxpayers. But migrants are demanding even more.

Today, a group of undocumented migrants refused to move off the streets and into city-provided housing unless a list of 13 demands were met, including receiving:

  •  Fresh food with “culturally appropriate ingredients,”
  •  Free lawyers,
  •  And free transportation.

Coloradans themselves are struggling to pay their bills thanks to Bidenomics. Yet migrants, who came to Denver illegally, are turning down free food and shelter to demand more handouts?

Whether the city capitulates to their demands remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Yadira Caraveo brought this crisis to Denver in the first place. She called on Biden to defund ICE and CBP and repeatedly rejected tougher border security measures in Congress.

Caraveo can’t be trusted to stop this migrant crisis.