Been there, done that


On Friday, Americans will wake up to see how the economy has fared over the last month. If it’s anything like the last 43, it will be yet another disappointing reminder that the Obama-Gill supported economic policies have failed Central Illinois.

David Gill has made no secret of his dogged support for an agenda that will further hurt Illinois’ economy, from the stimulus that created debt and funded Solyndra but failed to create the jobs it promised, to a new healthcare law that’s bringing both higher taxes and higher healthcare costs for middle-class families.

Gill will follow a President’s lead whose spending agenda would “necessarily and dramatically raise taxes on the middle class.”  So, it comes as no surprise that the agenda David Gill supports has left Illinoisans with:

After four years of a reckless agenda that didn’t come close to meeting our expectations, what’s the Obama-Gill plan? To do it all over again and repeat four more years of the same failed “been there, done that” policies Illinoisans cannot afford.