An Award for Erin Bilbray, Too

As you know, yesterday Politifact gave President Obama the 2013 Lie of the Year award for his repeated false promise “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” 
But there’s a Nevadan who also deserves this Lie of the Year award: career political operative Erin Bilbray.
Here’s what she claimed about Obamacare just two months ago:
“You can’t be thrown off your insurance.” – Erin Bilbray, 10/23/13
That’s a whopper that sure flies in the face of reality for 25,000 Nevadans who are losing their current health insuranceunder the Obamcare law Erin Bilbray has championed.
But it’s not surprising that a lifetime political operative’s talking point was just named the Lie of the Year.  Erin Bilbray has been spinning for Democrats nearly her entire professional career – from Washington DC to Nevada.
Somehow Erin Bilbray believes she can run for Congress with a history of playing politics for a living and repeating Washington lies. Nevadans looking for proven leadership and truthful answers won’t find it from Erin Bilbray’s Lie of the Year.