Aimee Belgard Caught in Campaign Stunt

Today Aimee Belgard is holding herself up as the gold standard for a more “transparent, fiscally conservative government:”

As a member of the Edgewater Park Township Committee, Aimee Belgard forfeited her salary to help ease the town’s financial hardships. Today, Belgard took another step toward achieving more transparent, fiscally conservative government by rejecting a number of taxpayer funded Congressional perks, and calling on her opponent, Tom MacArthur, to do the same. (Aimee Belgard Press Release, 06/25/14)

But what’s transparent is her attempt to re-use her old campaign stunt and think that no one would notice that she didn’t practice what she had preached once in office.  

During her losing 2010 campaign for Burlington County Freeholder, Aimee Belgard promised voters:

Just as I opted not to take the salary when I realized that there were so many budget constraints facing Edgewater Park on Edgewater Park Township Committee, I have decided that I’m not going to take a salary as a Freeholder on the Board of Freeholders. (Aimee Belgard Campaign Video, 09/04/10)

But then when she rode Democratic coattails to win a Burlington County Freeholder seat in 2012, Aimee Belgard started pocketing the pay, reportedly making $13,597.13 as of April 15 this year. Just take a look at “paycheck-declining” Aimee Belgard’s financial disclosure report filed with the U.S. House of Representatives:

Aimee Belgard Financial Disclosure

The Bottom Line:
Aimee Belgard thinks she can fool voters with her old campaign stunts, but New Jerseyans can see right through her two-faced politics. Instead of making up phony pledges, Aimee Belgard should come clean about her record and start answering basic questions about where she stands on issues affecting hard-working New Jersey families.