A Lot to Hide?

Denials and delaying tactics. Brad Schneider is still refusing to release his tax returns as a congressional candidate or Member of Congress (2011-2013).

His Republican challenger Bob Dold has released returns back to 2009 – the year prior to running for Congress.

So what gives, Brad Schneider?

Oh yes, his campaign claims he will release just the 2013 return when it’s “available” – perhaps once he can no longer hide it with extensions and/or the next election is over.

For a candidate who promised “no nonsense, no political games,” that’s about all Brad Schneider is giving Chicagoland voters these days.

Brad Schneider’s looking like a man with a lot to hide. No wonder the majority of Chicagoland families have a low or no opinion of him.

The Bottom Line:
With every passing day that Brad Schneider refuses to make public his tax returns, voters wonder more and more: what is Brad Schneider hiding? Chicagoland families deserve better than just another Illinois politician making a mockery of public accountability (see: Blago, JJJ, Quinn). It’s past time Brad Schneider was honest with voters about his tax obligations, especially when he wants to vote in Congress to determine theirs.