5 Questions for Aimee Belgard

Aimee Belgard photoAfter broadcasting her lack of knowledge in a radio interview last year, Aimee Belgard has had several months now to figure out what she’s talking about in her race for Congress.

But you wouldn’t know it based on her continued generic campaign rhetoric.  Unfortunately for Aimee Belgard, being a Member of Congress requires taking a specific stand on federal issues.

So here’s just five questions Aimee Belgard should answer if she wants to vote in Congress:

1.    What fixes does Obamacare supporter Aimee Belgard think need to be made to Obamacare?

2.    Does Aimee Belgard support the ongoing cuts to seniors’ Medicare Advantage program under Obamacare?

3.    Does Aimee Belgard agree with President Obama’s decision to release terrorists in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl without notifying Congress?

4.    Does Aimee Belgard support or oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is supported by labor unions and opposed by her endorser League of Conservation Voters?

5.    Since Nancy Pelosi has already held a fundraiser for her, will Aimee Belgard finally admit she’s supporting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker?

The Bottom Line:
Aimee Belgard can hide behind talking points for only so long before New Jerseyans decide they want a proven leader with solutions, not a rubberstamp for national Democrats. The fact that Aimee Belgard doesn’t even mention Obamacare on her website goes to show how unprepared she still is to talk about, much less address, real problems facing New Jersey families.