VA-10 Poll: Comstock Leads by 12

Today Congressional Leadership Fund is releasing a new poll in VA-10, showing Republican candidate Barbara Comstock leading Democrat John Foust by 12 points. The poll was conducted by The Tarrance Group, whose summary findings of the survey include:

•         A grim political environment for Democrats: 57% of voters disapprove of President Obama’s job performance

•         Comstock is well-known and liked while Foust is still largely unknown.

•         Congressional ballot test: Comstock 46% / Foust 34% / 3rd Party 7% / Undecided 14%

•         Strong “less likely” vote for Foust after hearing his sexist comments about Comstock

This poll shows that John Foust has failed to earn the confidence and respect of voters and diminished his own campaign with his sexist “real job” remarks on Barbara Comstock.

CLF VA-10 Survey Executive Summary by CLFSuperPAC