Carol Shea-Porter’s Energy Gamble

As Frank Guinta yesterday announced his race for Congress in NH-1, current Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has already given voters plenty of reasons to replace her. Take, for example, Carol Shea-Porter’s anti-energy agenda that is destroying jobs and shipping money and work overseas.

Last Friday, the EPA announced stringent new regulations against power plants, including a small business utility in New Hampshire: Granite Ridge EnergyAccording to a report released last Friday, the new EPA regulations could hurt over 50 small business power plants in 26 states, resulting in lost jobs and increased utility rates.

This comes on the heels of the Keystone XL pipeline’s five-year delay anniversary last week and a new report showing how Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s “No” vote on Keystone is shipping money and outsourcing jobs to the Middle East.

As reported yesterday in the DailyCaller, the continued delay of the Keystone pipeline means:

–    The U.S. will send up to $7.7 billion more to oil suppliers in the Middle East from 2013-2015.

–    Americans lose out on 42,000 jobs and $2.1 billion in earnings.

–    Our nation loses out on approximately 700,000 barrels a day in imported energy from Canada.

Facts You Should Know:
On May 22, 2013, Carol Shea-Porter voted against allowing Congress to approve Keystone Pipeline jobs and energy despite the fact that a majority of Americans have supported the project for years.

Here’s a few polls from this year alone:

–    Pew Research Center: 66% of Americans favor the Keystone Pipeline project (03/13 – 03/17)
–    National Journal Congressional Connection/United Technologies Poll67% of Americans support the Keystone Pipeline, including 56% of Democrats. (07/11- 07/15)
–    Rasmussen: 58% of Americans polled favored building the Keystone pipeline. (03/26 – 03/27)

The Bottom Line:
Carol Shea-Porter’s vote against the Keystone pipeline was a vote for shipping over $7 billion to Middle East oil suppliers while 42,000 new American jobs are sidelined. Now Carol Shea-Porter is standing with Washington Democrats and special interests as the EPA unleashes new harmful regulations that could cost New Hampshire jobs and raise energy bills. Carol Shea-Porter’s anti-energy agenda is hurting jobs at home while shipping money and jobs overseas.