You can’t live free if you are taxed to death

Good Morning,

As you know, Carol Shea-Porter thinks Nancy Pelosi’s big-government agenda is 100% right – including massive tax hikes and a government takeover of healthcare that New Hampshire simply doesn’t want. To give Granite Staters a better idea of exactly what the Shea-Porter-Pelosi agenda would mean for them, the Congressional Leadership Fund created the Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receiptfeatured today on NH Journal.

You can find this week’s receipt at

This online widget allows users to view and print a detailed receipt of tax increases Carol Shea-Pelosi, I mean Porter, has supported. Each week there will be a new receipt of taxes she’s supported. The receipt widget is embeddable on websites. This week’s receipt outlines the disastrous new taxes Carol Shea-Porter supported in the President’s healthcare overhaul.

Remember to check the site each week to see how the Shea-Porter-Pelosi tax increases impact families and small businesses.

After all, how can the people of New Hampshire live free if Carol Shea-Pelosi taxes them to death?