Which Scott Peters Will Show Up in Solana Beach

Congressman Scott Peters may be in for an awkward meeting with local Democrats tonight. After winning Democrats’ support as an Obamacare champion, Scott Peters has tried to have it both ways in Congress by voting both for Obamacare and running for cover from its consequences. So what’s a politician like Scott Peters to tell his fellow Democrats today? Here’s two choices for a two-faced record:

1.    Scott Peters has run as a supporter of Obamacare, telling San Diegans that the law would lower costs and voting to keep the law. Is Scott Peters going to champion Obamacare again and run on the law like Democrats say he will?

2.    As Obamacare cancels plans, increases costs and limits doctors and hospitals, Scott Peters has started voting for cover the past few months. Is Scott Peters going to stand and tell his fellow Democrats that they can’t count on his support for Democrats’ signature health care law?

The Bottom Line:
From keeping Obamacare the law to run-for-cover votes from its consequences, Scott Peters has tried to have it both ways on Obamacare and now his political future is at risk.  Which Scott Peters will show up at today’s Democrat meeting – the one who won their support as an Obamacare champion or the one who’s running for cover from Obamacare’s fallout?