Which Michael Parrish Will PA See Next

It’s a big day for Republican-turned-Democrat Michael Parrish, running for Congress in PA-06.  He’s bringing his new political benefactor, liberal House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, to town to raise money for his race in one of America’s most moderate districts.

While flip-flopping on his political belief system may earn him high praise and big dollars from Nancy Pelosi, Southeast Pennsylvanians see a candidate who prizes opportunism more than their values.

Let’s take a quick look at Michael Parrish’s political record:

July 2008: Parrish gives $2,000 to John McCain’s presidential campaign

May 2010: Parrish gives $2,000 to Tom Corbett for governor

June 2011: Parrish gives $1,000 to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign

December 2013: Parrish says he’ll run for office as a Democrat

February 2014: Parrish scores an endorsement fundraiser from Nancy Pelosi

With a record like this, it’s no wonder he needs Nancy Pelosi’s help in convincing Democrat donors that he’s the real liberal deal for them. But for Pennsylvania families, Michael Parrish’s epic political pendulum swing is enough for them to know he can’t be trusted to fight for them in Washington.

The Bottom Line:
Republican-turned-Democrat Michael Parrish’s sprint to embrace a hyper-partisan liberal like Nancy Pelosi may bring him campaign cash, but his transparent opportunism proves already how out of touch he is with hard-working Pennsylvanians and how little they can trust him.  The last thing Southeast Pennsylvania families need is Michael Parrish as a guaranteed rubberstamp for the job-destroying policies and disastrous health care law Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats forced on them.