What if you didn’t do your job?

If one needs an example of Congressman John Barrow’s phony politics, look no further than his below email grandstanding about “No Budget, No Pay.”

Unbelievably, John Barrow hasn’t supported a regular annual budget his entire tenure in Congress.

Here’s what The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last year:

In eight-plus years in Congress, Rep. John Barrow has never voted in favor of a budget.

Just two months ago, John Barrow voted against all six House budget proposals.

And try as he may, John Barrow’s vote for the December 2013 bipartisan budget deal is not an excuse for failing to support a regular annual budget any year in Congress.

The Bottom Line:

John Barrow’s hypocrisy is reaching a new low when he’s pretending to lead the charge for an annual budget he’s never supported. Georgia voters tired of John Barrow’s two-faced politics know that he doesn’t just deserve no pay for no budget, but he should be fired in November.