What does $60 billion mean to Jose Hernandez?


Jose Hernandez might be new to the neighborhood, but if there’s one thing California cannot afford, it’s the recent findings that show Hernandez supports more than $60 billion in cuts from California seniors’ Medicare under the President’s healthcare overhaul.

In addition to the over $60 billion cut from Medicare, Hernadez’s new neighbors won’t like the costly rules also associated with the law:

  • Forces all citizens to purchase healthcare insurance or be faced with a penalty tax:
    • Every American would be required to pay a 2% tax.
    • The average family would pay about $1,000 per year.

Cutting California seniors’ Medicare by over $60 billion? A $1,000 penalty tax on middle class families?

With all of these new healthcare rules and regulations he brings to the neighborhood, Jose Hernandez is one of the 10th District’s most costly one-man homeowner’s associations.