The Hill: GOP: No cover for Dems on O-Care vote

Republicans say Democrats who voted for a bill Friday to let insurers offer limited plans canceled under ObamaCare won’t save themselves from the political fallout of the bill in 2014.

Nearly every vulnerable Democrat in the House voted for the fix. But Republicans argue that, if anything, those votes are just examples of Washington duplicity — and they won’t let voters forget it.

“The clear lie and rank hypocrisy on health coverage will be a major issue next year,” said Dan Conston, communications director for the Congressional Leadership Fund, a GOP super-Pac.

“They’re caught in a lie that’s going to haunt them in a year.”

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Conston admitted that Republicans should be careful not to distract from issues with the healthcare law with the party’s own policy battles, but he believes the GOP has learned its lesson from the shutdown.

“It’s in the party’s interest to continue the focus on ObamaCare, and not let other issues derail that focus,” he said.

And Conston is predicting that the law could get even worse for Democrats.

“It’s like quicksand. It’s sucking people in. And this is just one component. Just wait until the next piece of this law is rolled out,” he said.

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