Tell me if you have heard this one before

“…new website with the same tired line– Carol Shea-Pelosi.  Tell me if you’ve heard that one before.”Naomi Andrews, Carol Shea-Porter Campaign Manager

Huh?  Did Carol Shea-Porter’s campaign manager just admit that her boss is historically known as Nancy Pelosi, Jr.?

For a campaign that is attempting to appear as though they are shrugging off the Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt, they sure seem rattled – maybe even “desperate.”

While Shea-Porter remains loyal to Nancy Pelosi’s big-government agenda – which she thinks is 100% right – the Congressional Leadership Fund is itemizing the $1.5 trillion in tax increases included in the House Democrats’ fiscally reckless budgets that Shea-Porter supported at the expense of taxpayers’ checkbooks.

This week’s receipt is featured on NJ Journal and provides a line-by-line of the disastrous new taxes Carol Shea-Porter supported in the Democrat budget resolutions.

Don’t forget, this embeddable online widget allows users to view and print a detailed receipt of tax increases Carol Shea-Pelosi, I mean Porter, has supported.

Stay tuned next week for an updated receipt that includes even more skyrocketing taxes Shea-Porter supported.