Super PAC’s calls target undecided voters in Hochul-Collins race

Super PAC’s calls target undecided voters in Hochul-Collins race
The Buffalo News
Robert J. McCarthy
October 9, 2012 

Voters in the new 27th Congressional District are being bombarded by automated phone calls this week linking Democrat Kathleen C. Hochul to “weak” job creation statistics as yet another super PAC jumps into her race against Republican challenger Chris Collins.

The conservative Congressional Leadership Fund is launching the new campaign, which also uses Vice President Biden’s recent remark that middle-class Americans have been “buried” for the past four years.

“With just 114,000 jobs added, it’s yet another failure of policies supported by Obama and Kathy Hochul,” the caller says. “But we don’t need a jobs report to know that these failed economic policies are hurting families’ bottom lines. We’ve been buried in it.”

The super PAC’s efforts complement Collins’ effort to link Hochul to Obama at every opportunity in a contest the latest Siena Research Institute poll sponsored by The Buffalo News and WGRZ-TV pegged as dead even.

CLF officials say the call will reach high-propensity undecided voters in NY-27.

“Democrats deserve to be held responsible for the policies that are burying the middle class and will lead to lost jobs and higher family costs,” said CLF Communications Director Dan Conston. “In this last month, we’ll make sure they are.”