Slow Clap for Jennifer Garrison

A slow clap for Jennifer Garrison. Initially billed as a DCCC “top tier” recruit, Jennifer Garrison’s struggling campaign made it across the primary finish line last night. Now as she pivots to the general election, Jennifer Garrison is saddled with much the same problems that have plagued her lackluster campaign thus far. Here’s a quick recap:

“Trying to Have It Both Ways”
Jennifer Garrison has proven herself a political chameleon willing to say whatever she thinks fits the moment, earning herself the unflattering analysis of “trying to have it both ways” on issues.  On one day, she’ll say she supports Obamacare as the law of the land and then on another day, she’ll claim she wouldn’t have voted for it. What’s more, Garrison is trying to both garner support from national Democrats at the DCCC and run from President Obama – all at the same time. No wonder transparent Democrats are outraged by her candidacy.

Running on Fumes
Jennifer Garrison raised about $92,000 last quarter and loaned her campaign $107,000 to try and prop up her declining fundraising operation. Congressman Bill Johnson has over $1 million in the bank.

Downgraded Race
Before Jennifer Garrison even got through the primary, the non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report downgraded her prospects for winning in November, changing the district rating to “Republican Favored.” This political forecast comes amid Garrison’s uninspiring fence-sitting, bad fundraising, her party’s disastrous policies, and her neighbor Bill Johnson’s strong leadership in Congress.

The Bottom Line:
Jennifer Garrison’s once highly-touted campaign is falling flat already. Worse yet, she’s going to have to spend the entire general election defending the Obama-Pelosi agenda that’s been a disaster for eastern and southeastern Ohio. Ohio families know they can’t afford another Democrat like Jennifer Garrison in Congress standing for Obamacare and empowering Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. That might be why her campaign has floundered so much already.