Scott Peters Loses Ground

The ground is shifting beneath Scott Peters. And it’s not in his favor.

This morning, one of the best election analysts in America just moved Scott Peters’ re-election race down to a “toss-up” rating.

Even more, this independent analyst calls Scott Peters’ race “one of Republicans’ top takeover opportunities.

In other words, Scott Peters has a real problem on his hands when he’s losing ground this quickly over a year out from Election Day 2014.  And it’s just the latest bad news for Scott Peters, who’s been significantly trailing candidate Carl DeMaio in polling this year:

·         10News/SurveyUSA Poll:  Carl DeMaio gets 48%; Scott Peters 39% (06/10 – 06/12)

·         Tarrance Group Poll: Carl DeMaio leads 49% to Scott Peters’ 39% (04/22 – 04/24)

This is a testament to how different a candidate like Carl DeMaio really is.  With a record of reform, Carl DeMaio stands in stark contrast to Scott Peters’ empty promises of bipartisanship.

The Bottom Line:
Scott Peters continues to earn bad news with his record of promising bipartisanship but instead delivering obstructionist votes in Congress.  Southern Californians are sending clear