Scott Peters Caught Lying About His Support for Bob Filner

Facts are stubborn things. Yet Congressman Scott Peters apparently thinks he can lie and get away with it.

In a transparently desperate attempt yesterday to distance himself from disgraced former San Diego mayor Bob Filner, Scott Peters’ campaign is now claiming he did not endorse Filner for mayor!

           “Carl [DeMaio] wrongly claimed that Scott Peters endorsed Bob Filner; Peters did not.” (Scott Peters For Congress, “Carl DeMaio’s Bob Filner Obsession & Hypocrisy,” Press Release, 4/30/14)

Except he did. More than once.

           Scott Peters In August 2012: “Well, I support Bob for Mayor.” (Scott Peters, Remarks At A Press Conference, San Diego, CA, 8/24/12)

And Scott Peters was more than happy to tout Bob Filner’s support for his own campaign:
Scott Peters website screenshot
          “Congressman Filner’s endorsement was a great surprise and a tremendous honor,” said Peters. “Bob has been a forceful advocate for our region, for our veterans, for civil rights and for Democratic causes throughout his esteemed career in public service. When I get to Congress, I look forward to his guidance and taking up where he left off — as a champion for working families,” he said.  (Scott Peters For Congress, “Congressman Bob Filner Endorses Scott Peters,” Press Release, 4/30/12)

And removing all doubt, Scott Peters said he LOVES and supported Bob Filner:

          I love Bob Filner. He can be cantankerous, it’s not hard—you don’t ever have to guess what he’s thinking. I wish him the best, I supported him. I would say he has courage. The thing I like about him is he’s not afraid. (Scott Peters, Remarks At A “Congress On Your Corner” Event, San Diego, CA, 4/27/13)

The Bottom Line:
Scott Peters thinks he can get away with lying to San Diegans about his relationship with now-disgraced Bob Filner.  Scott Peters’ dishonesty reflects the same two-faced approach he brings to Congress where he believes he can play both sides of issues without accountability. San Diegans deserve a leader in Congress who will tell them the truth, not Scott Peters’ fabrications for self-preservation.