Scott Peters and a New Generation Republican…

A “New Generation Republican.” That’s who Congressman Scott Peters will have to defend his fiscally-reckless and partisan record against in November.

Last night finalized a worst-case scenario for Scott Peters and national Democrats, running against a strong, proven reformer like Carl DeMaio.

To make matters worse, in last night’s jungle primary, just 42% of CA-52 voted for a Democrat, while 58% voted for a Republican.

No matter how Scott Peters’ campaign may try to spin the results, they know that Peters’ weak showing and DeMaio’s strength speak volumes about November. Voters sent a message that they’re going to hold Democrats like Scott Peters accountable for his continued fiscal irresponsibility, partisan record and unworkable health care law.

The Bottom Line:
Last night proved that voters are hungry for a “new generation” Republican to take on Washington. Scott Peters’ finish is an ominous foreshadowing of how San Diegans plan to hold him accountable in November.