What They Are Saying About CLF’s New Ad in GA-06 Featuring Ossoff-Supporter Kathy Griffin


McClatchy: “A Republican Super PAC has found a new way to target Democratic candidates: Kathy Griffin.” A new ad uses the controversial comedian to criticize Democrat Jon Ossoff, saying her recent controversial actions are part of a pattern of behavior from “liberal extremists” who now support the House candidate running in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

Washington Post: “Griffin appears in a political ad from a Republican super PAC, attempting to wrangle Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff into a controversy that had mostly run its course.” The ad is part of a $6.5 million anti-Ossoff effort waged by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a well-funded outfit tied to House GOP leaders that has previously sought to paint the Democrat seeking to represent Georgia’s 6th congressional district as a pawn of out-of-state liberal donors and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Washington Examiner: Jon Ossoff is facing questions about his ties to comedian Kathy Griffin in a new television ad being run by the Republican super PAC aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.” For Republicans, looking for every advantage in the Georgia 6 special, the ad is part of a strategy to try and turn the tables on the Democrats, who regularly pepper Handel with questions about the latest Trump controversy. 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution“Ossoff was handed the bill for a two-month-old Twitter endorsement by comedian Kathy Griffin.” A day later, the Congressional Leadership Fund – the super PAC with ties to House Speaker Paul Ryan – entered the fray. It released an ad labeling Griffin an “Ossoff supporter” amid footage of that disastrous photo shoot. It’s part of the group’s $6.5 million campaign to thwart Ossoff.

POLITICO Morning Score: WEB WAR — GOP web ad uses Kathy Griffin in GA-06: “The Congressional Leadership Fund is attacking Democrat Jon Ossoff in a new web ad using the controversial images of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head of President Donald Trump.” Watch the ad hereFull story.

The HillA GOP super PAC is seeking to link Georgia Democratic House candidate Jon Ossoff to comedian Kathy Griffin..” The comedian appears to have a minimal link to Ossoff, but the conservative Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) is using the fury over the photo to slam the Democratic candidate in a new ad released Thursday. Griffin had urged voters in Georgia’s 6th District to vote for Ossoff on Twitter..

Washington Free Beacon: A new ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund highlights the vocal support that Kathy Griffin has given to Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who has been buoyed by money and support from Hollywood.”The ad is referring to Griffin, who came under fire this week after she posted pictures of herself posing with the severed head of President Donald Trump.

Daily Caller: “A super PAC endorsed by the GOP leadership, announced its new ad “Kathy” which highlights Kathy Griffin’s support for Democratic House candidate Jon Ossoff of Georgia.” The ad, designed to influence Georgia’s special election, casts Griffin as a supporter of Ossoff in an attempt to frame him as the nominee of hysterical out of state liberals, who according to the ad, account for 95 percent of his campaign donations.

IJ Review: “The point of this ad isn’t only to tie Ossoff to Griffin specifically; it’s also changing the subject away from Trump and pushing the narrative towards the increasingly deranged antics that the left is resorting to in response to his presidency.” It’s only been about 48 hours since liberal comedian Kathy Griffin shocked the world and nuked her own career by holding an effigy of President Trump’s severed head in a bizarre photo shoot. Griffin once tweeted support for Jon Ossoff, although it appears that’s about the extent of their relationship. Ossoff denounced Griffin’s antics via a campaign statement Thursday (after the ad came out.)