Rick Nolan’s Head in the Sand


Congressman Rick Nolan’s head has been in the sand on Obamacare for far too long. Now Obamacare’s failure is hitting over 100,000 Minnesotans with the news that they can’t keep their health care plan.

And more, the departure of Minnesota’s largest health insurer from the individual market means fewer choices for Minnesotans.

Sadly, Obamacare’s broken promises just continue to pile up while Rick Nolan fights again and again to keep forcing the law on Minnesotans.

But let’s remember that in Rick Nolan’s mind, Obamacare is just the grand stepping stone to even more government in health care:

Nolan: “I’ve always been supportive of single-payer, nothing is more fundamentally American than that,’ he said. ‘That’s my ultimate goal. The Affordable Care Act is good in all the various things it does, but it’s no end all.”

Nolan: “We’re not done with this thing until we have single payer, universal (health system).”

While Rick Nolan chases this even more disastrous liberal pipedream, Minnesotans are left picking up the pieces of a broken government health care law. Minnesotans cannot afford Rick Nolan’s head-in-the-sand liberalism. It’s past time Rick Nolan looks around and comes to terms with the real consequences of Obamacare.