Rick Nolan Actually Voted Against Helping Doctors & Saving Individuals From Obamacare

After witnessing a crushing Democrat defeat in a Florida special election this week, Democrats like Congressman Rick Nolan today had an opportunity to show a lesson learned.

The House just passed a bipartisan plan to fix annual Medicare doctor payment cuts AND save Minnesotans from Obamacare’s individual mandate tax. Rick Nolan obviously voted to help doctors and protect individuals from Obamacare, right?

Except he didn’t.

Nope. Just one week after flip-flopping on the individual mandate and three days after Obamacare supporter Alex Sink lost in Florida, Rick Nolan is back defending the disastrous law, ignoring the political siren warning for Obamacare champions on the ballot this year.

Here’s a few news items Rick Nolan seems to have missed this week:

  • ·“Tuesday night’s special election in Florida should be a serious scare for Democrats who worry that Obamacare will be a major burden for their party in 2014.” (National Journal, 03/11/14)
  • ·“The [election] result is clearly a bad omen for Democrats. The Republican candidate mainly ran against Obamacare and the better known Democrat largely took a “mend-not-end” approach while trying to avoid the issue.” (WSJ MarketWatch, 03/12/14)
  • ·“One Democratic operative predicted that candidates would now find it safer to flat-out state their opposition to Obamacare, saying that, ‘It’s gonna be tough to get Democrats to support the Affordable Care Act this cycle now with the standard “fix the good, get rid of the bad” schtick.’” (Politico, 03/11/14)

The Bottom Line:

Rick Nolan actually voted against helping doctors and saving individuals from a health care law that quite clearly doesn’t work. From the harm to Minnesotans to the dire political consequences, Rick Nolan has been given every reason to stop supporting Obamacare. Only a true-believer liberal like Rick Nolan would keep defending a law proving to be disastrous policy for his constituents and disastrous politics for November.