Quist’s flip-flop on guns

With the attention beginning to shift from GA-06 to Montana’s special election race, Rob Quist better start working on getting his story straight. When it comes to key issues, Quist has failed to keep a consistent stance. First, it was healthcare and taxes, and today it’s guns. Quist’s repeated flip-flops won’t fool Montanans, they only prove he will say anything to elected.

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CHASER: Quist Supports “Greater Regulations On Gun Ownership,” Including A Gun Registry

National Journal: “He’s [Quist] Supportive Of Greater Regulations On Gun Ownership.” “There couldn’t be a clearer contrast between the two candidates’ biographies and ideologies. Quist, a mustachioed son of ranchers, is a more crunchy version of Bernie Sanders. He writes politically charged folk music. He is a champion of single-payer health insurance. He’s supportive of greater regulations on gun ownership.”(National Journal, 3/7/17)

Quist Questioned “The Need To Own Assault Rifles” And Supports Writing Legislation To “Register Those Types Of Things.” “‘I come from a ranching-farming tradition where guns are not only a way of life, but it’s something every young man goes through. We learn how to operate weapons in a safe manor and with respect. We learn that bringing meat home is a time-honored tradition,’ he said. But he believes that efforts to increase public safety are being derailed by gun manufacturers, questioning the need to own assault rifles. ‘They’re only meant to kill people,’ he said. ‘So maybe there should be some legislation to register those types of things.’”

  • Quist: “You Register Your Car To Drive, Why Not Register Guns. I Know That’s A Touchy Subject For A Lot Of People…’”(Troy Carter, “Rob Quist Touring State, Lobbying Dems Ahead Of U.S. House Election,” Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 1/22/17)

Quist Supports Expanding Background Checks

Quist Said He Thinks “Closing The Gun-Show Loophole” Should Be Considered. “Republicans have quickly begun painting Quist as ‘too liberal for Montana,’ noting his prior support for firearms regulations in a state known for its broad support for the Second Amendment. Quist said after his speech that his past remarks referred only to fully-automatic assault rifles. ‘It’s a classic example of pulling something out of context and making it a big deal,’ he said. Asked whether he would support any gun-control measures, he replied, ‘I think the one we need to consider is the closing of the gun-show loophole.’” (Sam Wilson, “Quist Holds Campaign Kick-Off Event In Whitefish,” The Daily Inter Lake, 3/13/17)

Quist Is Not Supportive Of Open Carry Holders

Quist Said Open Carry Permit Holders Cannot Be “Part Of The Solution” During An Active Shooter Situation. QUIST: “…I think that even people that have open carry that are involved in some of these incidents where there is a shooter – I don’t think that they can actually be a part of the solution. You have to leave that to the forces that are going to deal with that.” (“Democrat U.S. House of Representatives Primary Candidate Rob Quist | Talk Back Missoula,” Newstalk KGVO YouTube, 1:00:20 mark)