Quist uses (some of) his health care trouble for political expediency, refuses to talk about others

It’s clear that Rob Quist is more than happy to use (some of) his medical troubles on the trail for political expediency, but refuses to discuss others.

He’s blamed a “botched” surgery for his failure to pay $15,000 in taxes, getting sued for fraud and deceit, and stiffing a fellow Montanan. He even said it was the reason why he hasn’t had a hunting and fishing license for at least 16 years!

Quist has made his medical history a central message in his campaign. Below is a press release from Quist just this week highlighting his “medical complications following surgery..”

BUT now, when public court documents reveal there’s more to Quist’s health care story, Quist’s campaign cancels interviews and refuses to discuss the topic. That’s right – Quist doesn’t want to talk about health – while on a health care tour that originally highlighted his health issues.

As Missoulian reported –

Quist campaign spokeswoman Tina Olechowski canceled the interview after she learned it would include questions about his marijuana platform and other health issues highlighted in the post about the court records. She insisted the reasons for the cancellation be off the record.

Considering Quist is highlighting his medical past during a “health care tour” this week, he should have to answer for the latest details that have come to light.