Quist paying himself out of campaign coffers… again…

In case you missed it, Rob Quist’s April quarterly report is out, revealing that Rob has paid himself a salary of another $2,000 from his campaign since his personal financial disclosure came out last month – bringing his total cash-out to $4,000 so far in the campaign.

If Rob’s campaign funds are coming from everyday citizens in the grassroots like Rob claims, shouldn’t he be spending their hard-earned money more wisely – especially considering the Quists earned nearly $80,000 in 2016 – well above the average Montanan?

As the Billings Gazette notes,

“Quist has been paid $4,000 as a candidate so far, with payments on Feb. 23, March 7 and 20. It’s not illegal for a candidate to pay himself with campaign funds, but it is unusual. Quist told Lee Montana in March that he needs to earn a living. The Tuesday report also shows $400 paid to the candidate’s son, Guthrie Quist, for website production.”