Quist interview airing this weekend full of dishonest claims

Over the weekend, Montana viewers of Face the State will be able to tune in to see Rob Quist on the show as a guest of Dr. David Parker and Mike Dennison. The program posted an early look of the segment on their YouTube page, and in most answers Quist blatantly runs away from his previous key positions he has taken on the issues that matter most to Montanans, and in some, is outright dishonest. Congressional Leadership Fund is pointing out the most obvious claims to inform viewers of the real truth behind Quist’s untruthful answers.

“Rob Quist is changing his tune for political expediency, and it is absolutely unacceptable for him to continue his blatantly dishonest rhetoric when speaking to Montana voters. Montanans deserve to know the truth, and we’re more than happy to expose Quist’s deceitful claims,” said Courtney Alexander, CLF spokeswoman.

Here are the most obvious false claims Quist tries to get away with in the interview –

Quist knowingly gives a completely false answer regarding his debts currently owed, after Dr. Parker asks, “how can we trust someone who hasn’t paid taxes to set tax policy?”

DENNISON: “Just to be clear, the debts that you incurred, some property tax liens and lines of credit, those have all been paid, correct?”(10:33)

Quist’s claim: “Yes.”

The reality: In March 2017, Quist Said He Is Working To Pay Off A $10,000 Debt On A Defaulted Bank Loan. “Quist said he sought to address his family’s financial tailspin by trying to sell a portion of his ranch, but a dispute with a bank blocked the sale. Quist said he recently sued the bank and will use a pending settlement to fend off a collection agency seeking about $10,000 because of a defaulted bank loan.” (Bobby Caina Calvan, “Democrat In House Race Blames Health Bills For Tax Liens,” The Associated Press, 3/21/17)

On 2nd Amendment Rights, Quist attempts to backtrack and distort his position:

DENNISON: “In some of the TV ads that have criticized you, they alleged that you support a gun registry. You’ve said a few things in the past that could be interpreted that way. What’s your position on that? What’s the accurate description on how you feel on a gun registry or the second amendment in general?”  (21:02)

Quist’s claim: “Well first of all that was taken totally out of context…I support 2nd amendment rights and I think that the laws that we have in this state are fine for the state of Montana.”

The reality: In January 2017 Quist Said, “You register your car to drive, why not register guns. I know that’s a touchy subject for a lot of people, but I think we definitely have the right to bear arms and as I say I’ve been on many hunts myself where I’ve brought home an elk that fed our family and that’s an important thing for Montanans.’” (Troy Carter, “Rob Quist Touring State, Lobbying Dems Ahead Of U.S. House Election,” Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 1/22/17)

Quist’s answer on military spending directly contradicts what he has said in the past:

DENNISON: “In terms of overall military spending, it sounds like you’re saying that you don’t want to spend a lot more money outside the country on military bases or expansions or what?”  (25:08)

Quist’s claim: “… I’ve never advocated for cutting the budget, that is just patently false…”

The reality: In January 2017 Quist Said He Supports Cutting The Military’s Budget And Shifting The Resources To Pay For Health Care Or Social Security. “‘Here’s all this (war) money put on the backs of the taxpayer. Our federal budget is 64 percent military. That’s money that could be going towards health care or Social Security,’ he said. ‘And this does nothing but make us enemies in the eyes of so many and brings a backlash against the American people.’” (Troy Carter, “Rob Quist Touring State, Lobbying Dems Ahead Of U.S. House Election,” Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 1/22/17)