Quick recap: Top 3 worst moments for Randy Perkins

Wow! During today’s candidate forum hosted by the TC Palm Editorial Board, Democrat Randy Perkins constantly shouted and made some jaw-dropping comments about combat veteran Brian Mast. Below is a recap of Perkins’ top 3 worst moments that shows FL-18 voters exactly the kind of person Randy Perkins is.


1. Randy Perkins asks war hero and double amputee Brian Mast to explain why “the sacrifices and the service you provided for this country” qualifies him to serve in Congress.


2. Millionaire Randy Perkins questions 100 percent permanently disabled veteran Brian Mast about receiving health care assistance from the VA.


3. The moment when Randy Perkins tells double amputee combat veteran, “You’re not man enough to stand behind your ads.”


Randy Perkins should be ashamed at his disgraceful behavior and rhetoric toward Brian Mast – a decorated combat veteran who lost both legs in service to our country.  With a history of ripping off victims of natural disaster, Randy Perkins’ latest offensive behavior is further demonstration that he gives little regard to anyone but himself. The voters of Florida’s 18th congressional district deserve better.