Questions for Gwen Graham

Who knew what and when. No doubt lots of questions are being raised after bombshell news confirming that the Leon County School District is under FBI and federal grand jury investigation related to construction projects when Gwen Graham was at the school district.

And what does former Leon County school administrator Gwen Graham have to say?

On her campaign website, Gwen Graham specifically touts the fact that Superintendent Jackie Pons brought her in to the Leon County School District:

“With her children in school, Gwen returned to the private sector and was practicing law in Tallahassee when Leon County School Superintendent Jackie Pons asked her to join his administration as director of employee relations, later promoting her to division director for professional standards and chief of labor and employee relations.

Gwen Graham even twice gave money to Jackie Pons’ campaign.

But now investigators are specifically requesting Jackie Pons’ emails as they probe potentially illegal activity during years that Gwen Graham also worked for Leon County Schools.

So here’s a few questions for Gwen Graham:

1. Was she aware of the allegations at the center of the investigation? If so, when?

2. Has she been contacted regarding the FBI or grand jury investigations?

3. As a supporter and close former associate of Jackie Pons, what is her response to the news?