Preview of Congressman Scott Peters’ Golf Event

Tomorrow, Congressman Scott Peters will be at the Salt Creek Golf Club for a Golf and Lunch event.

So whether he’s swinging clubs or trying to defend his record to Southern Californians, here’s an event preview:

1.    He Shanked That One.  

<—- Scott Peters: Obamacare “Increases Access To Quality Care”

—-> Covered California Clients Have Trouble Finding Doctors (SF Chronicle)
—-> Top Tier Hospitals Excluded from Obamacare (Yahoo Finance)

2.    That One’s “OB

<—- Scott Peters: “You know, ObamaCare was passed before I got there, so it’s not my creation.” (Remarks at “Congress On Your Corner” event, San Diego, 04/27/13)

—->  Scott Peters Votes Against Stopping or Delaying ObamaCare again and again and again.

3.    Hit It Fat – Straight into the Water!

<—- Scott Peters: “Most San Diegans will be able to keep the coverage they currently have either through their individual or employer based policies.”

—->  Thousands told health policies will end…. Notices sent “to nearly 10,000 individual customers in San Diego County.” (U-T San Diego, 10/22/13)

4.    He’s Taking A Mulligan

<—- Scott Peters: “I also voted for [Keep Your Health Plan Act] because…it was critical we pass a fix that lets people keep their insurance as promised.”

—-> California Rejects Extension of Obamacare-Canceled Plans Fix (Reuters, 11/22/2013)

5.    (Cringe) – He Whiffed.

<—- Scott Peters claims Obamacare will lead to “lower costs.”

—-> California Coverage Cancellations Show Obamacare Price Increases (Bloomberg, 10/30/13)
—-> Chico Family’s Health Care Struggle Shows Unaffordable Side of Covered California (Chico Enterprise-Record, 01/25/14)

The Bottom Line:
Southern California families can’t afford any more broken promises, higher costs and limited choices under the unaffordable, unworkable Obamacare law Scott Peters supports. While Scott Peters tries to talk and play on every side of Obamacare, San Diegans need a leader in Congress they can always count on to fight this disastrous health care law.