Pete, are you ready for Hillary?

Today, Hillary Clinton met with House Democrats and laid out some ambitious unrealistic goals for a presidential nominee connected to an FBI investigation and near record unfavorable rating of 55 percent. Clinton even claimed Democrats would not only keep the White House but also take back the House and the Senate.

Looks like Hillary Clinton has joined Nancy Pelosi in some California dreamin’ that a record of dishonesty and scandals will help Democrats like Pete Gallego. What’s Pete Gallego to do considering Hillary’s unpopularity and untrustworthiness among voters?

Pete should be ready to answer a few simple questions:

1.    How does he feel about supporting a nominee connected to an FBI “criminal investigation”? Free advice: Avoid doing what these Democrats did.

2.    Does Pete believe Americans should trust Clinton after putting our national security at risk by using a private email server to conduct official business as Secretary of State?

3.    Since Clinton likes to use Texas as an ATM, no doubt she’ll be back before Nov. Can we expect Pete to publicly campaign with Hillary if/when she visits TX-23?