Pelosi’s Puppet: Aimee Belgard

Aimee Belgard must have nearly choked on her cereal this morning. In the Washington Post, controversial liberal leader Nancy Pelosi is shouting from the rooftops her support for Aimee Belgard.

Nancy Pelosi: “Aimee Belgard. She’s really terrific. She was in before the current incumbent got out of the race. [. . .] But I’ve been to a number of fundraisers with Aimee Belgard, because she comes over to our events in Philadelphia, where we have a number of good candidates there.” (Ed O’Keefe, “Nancy Pelosi’s goal is to win 25 seats. Here’s how she thinks it can happen,” Washington Post, 07/16/14)

As part of Nancy Pelosi’s irrational plan to become Speaker again, Aimee Belgard is just the kind of ring-kissing candidate Pelosi needs.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi is so confident that Aimee Belgard will rubberstamp her extreme liberal agenda that she’s putting her money on it.  Pelosi has funneled $14,000 to Aimee Belgard’s campaign, including $8,000 in just the last three months.

It’s a standing that Aimee Belgard must have earned with complete loyalty to Nancy Pelosi, a proven record of recycling DCCC talking points, and a liberal agenda she apparently doesn’t want to talk about with New Jerseyans.

If Aimee Belgard decides she’s ready to be honest with New Jersey voters, she can start by finally admitting that she’s supporting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.

The Bottom Line:
Since Aimee Belgard refuses to answer basic policy questions, New Jersey voters can look no further than Nancy Pelosi’s glowing endorsement of her to know she’d rubberstamp Pelosi’s liberal agenda in Congress.  Aimee Belgard’s cut-and-paste political stunts may earn her Nancy Pelosi’s dollars, but New Jerseyans facing a tough economic recovery and high health care costs deserve better than a Pelosi puppet in Congress.