Patrick Murphy’s 300K New Reasons to Worry

Obamacare supporter Congressman Patrick Murphy has 300,000 new reasons to worry.

That’s because 300,000 Florida residents are losing their current health care coverage thanks to Obamacare.

As reported by Kaiser Health News, Florida Blue is notifying 300,000 Floridians that their individual insurance policies will be canceled due to the new requirements of the health care law.

And where will many of these newly uninsured Floridians be sent?

To the unworkable disaster that is the Obamacare exchanges, where they can try and try again to purchase more expensive insurance.
For example, a new study reported in The Hill reveals the sticker shock young women will find from the Obamacare exchanges:

  • Premiums for a healthy, non-smoking 30 year old woman in Florida increase by $103 a month, a 156% increase.

Yet Patrick Murphy has again and again voted in favor of Obamacare while Floridians face higher costs, fewer choices and loss of current coverage.

The Bottom Line
Patrick Murphy continues to support Obamacare while Floridians are forced off their current coverage and into the costly, dysfunctional Obamacare exchanges.  It’s not enough for Patrick Murphy to promise improvements to Obamacare when its main mandates are hurting Florida families. Floridians deserve a leader in Congress who will stand up for their health care, not just for Obamacare.