Ossoff Living Outside the District Continues to Plague Campaign

We know that much like his West coast donors, Jon Ossoff, too, lives outside the sixth district. BUT we learned that this continues to be a real issue plaguing Ossoff’s campaign. Don’t take my word for it. Over the weekend, Ossoff’s campaign had to prep folks with talking points to combat the issue of voters’ “biggest concern is he doesn’t live in the district.”

It’s a real issue, and further proof that Ossoff fits in better with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic elite who fund his campaign than Georgia’s 6th district voters.


Ossoff living outside the sixth district is a “devastating attack,” does not have a “good answer for why”

CNN: “Ossoff, on election day, still didn’t have a very good answer for why he doesn’t live in the district and, therefore, can’t vote for himself…Ossoff is 30 years old but looks younger. Ninety-five percent of his funding in the primary came from out-of-state donors. Actress Alyssa Milano was a vocal advocate for him; actor Samuel L. Jackson recorded a radio ad for Ossoff.” (Chris Cillizza, “Jon Ossoff doesn’t live in his district. That might be a problem, CNN, 4/19/17)

“Add those factors to Ossoff not living in the district and you have a potentially potent political cocktail: This guy’s just not one of us.” (Chris Cillizza, “Jon Ossoff doesn’t live in his district. That might be a problem, CNN, 4/19/17)

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa: “I was struck by conversations with voters where they weren’t talking about the outside groups or even President Trump. It was about whether Jon Ossoff, 30 years old, lives in the district and whether he should move into the district. Local issues.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 4/20/17)

Costa: “Candidate recruitment matters. You have to get people who live in these districts, who are effective in coalescing Democrats around them. You saw Senator Sanders make a comment yesterday is Jon Ossoff a progressive or not? He doesn’t know.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 4/20/17)