Ossoff campaign throws their candidate under the bus…

Jon Ossoff has repeatedly misled voters about his experience and it has finally caught up to him.  His own campaign team was forced to admit Ossoff was only in a national security staff role for roughly five months, not five years as he repeatedly claims on the trail… not good.

CLAIM: “I worked for five years as a national security aide on Capitol Hill. I had a top-secret security clearance…” –Jon Ossoff

FACT: Jon Ossoff worked as a national security aide for about five months.

Timeline provided to Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Jon Ossoff’s campaign team:

— March 2012: Ossoff receives a top-secret security clearance and staffs Johnson for work related to the National Defense Authorization Act.
— Mid-August 2012: Ossoff leaves Johnson’s office.

Ossoff continues to prove he is not honest and not ready. Georgia voters deserve better.