One week out…

Since we are one week from Election Day in Georgia’s special congressional election, let’s take a minute to summarize the status of Ossoff’s campaign:

Still Defending His Phony National Security Credentials 

Jon Ossoff’s resume lies have taken a toll on his campaign, so much so, that his latest ad features him desperately responding to a CLF ad highlighting his dishonesty and lack of experience. This marks the THIRD time Ossoff has been forced to address his weak stance on national security and resume puffery. (WATCH:Herehere and here).

CNN has noticed Ossoff is on defense, reporting, “the ad features Ossoff talking straight into the camera. And instead of his own message, he is responding to one that a Republican super PAC ..”

CNN added, Ossoff “began the campaign touting his high-level national security clearance — though he has backed off his emphasis on the clearance after reports that he only held it for five months before leaving Rep. Hank Johnson’s staff. It’s led to endless attacks from Republicans who accuse Ossoff of inflating his resume.”

Refusing to Admit Support for Nancy Pelosi

One week out from Election Day, Ossoff is still claiming he “hasn’t given an ounce of thought,” when asked if he will support Nancy Pelosi for speaker. That’s right, the same Nancy Pelosi who has bankrolled his campaign, personally held a D.C. fundraiser on his behalf, whose campaign arm sent ‘red alerts’ to Washington Democrats demanding they donate to Ossoff, and who undoubtedly influenced the influx of cash to Ossoff’s campaign from out-of-state liberals. Not to mention, the most obvious, Ossoff will be joining a caucus led by Nancy Pelosi – yet he still claims, with a straight face, that he hasn’t given supporting Pelosi “an ounce of thought.”

April 20: CNN’s Ana Cabrera: Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi as leader or speaker if the Democrats where to take the majority?

Ossoff: I haven’t given it an ounce of thought…                        

April 30: He declined to say whether he would back House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for reelection, saying he hadn’t given it an “ounce of thought.” 

June 11: Bucking the left, Mr. Ossoff said in an interview that he would not support raising income taxes, even for the wealthy, and opposed “any move” toward a single-payer health care system. Attacked by Republicans for his ties to national liberals, Mr. Ossoff said he had not yet given “an ounce of thought” to whether he would vote for Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, in a future ballot for speaker.

Flip-Flop Alert: Defense and Military Spending

Jon Ossoff knows his views on national security are out of step with GA-06 voters. In hopes of making up for his lack of national security experience, according to CNN, Ossoff beefed-up the national security section on his campaign website.

This, however, led to Ossoff flip-flopping on a key issue: national security funding.

March: The Council for a Livable World endorsed Ossoff, and noting that one of the reasons, was Ossoff’s support for “the Iran Nuclear agreement and believes Pentagon spending is too high.”

June: As he beefed-up the national security section, under the section “strengthening the military,” Ossoff now believes “our priority must lie in funding our special operations…” and calls on “significant resources for U.S. forces.” 

Whether it’s his flip-flops, backtracking or plain dishonesty, it’s clear Jon Ossoff will do or say anything to get elected. We’ve said it from day one, Ossoff is not qualified and not ready to represent Georgians in Congress.