Obamacare premiums skyrocket in MT, Quist doubles down on failed law

While Rob Quist defends the status quo when it comes to a crumbling health care system, Montanans have seen their premiums skyrocket by 133 percent on average from 2013 to 2017 under Obamacare according to a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Worse, Quist wants to double down on Obamacare by supporting a single-payer system which would be evenmore expensive than Obamacare. According to the Tax Policy Center, the latest single-payer health care plan proposed would cost more than $29 trillion in 10 years.

Montana families can’t afford Quist’s extreme and costly agenda.


AUDIO: In A January 2017 Interview, Quist Said “I Would Like To See A Single-Payer System, Absolutely.” QUIST: “I met this couple from Denmark who was touring the United States and they have universal health care, single-payer system and they were genuinely worried that if something went wrong, what would they do?” HOST: “Is that what you would like for the United States?” QUIST: “I would like to see a single-payer system, absolutely. We have the resources to do that.” (Rob Quist, “Interview On Talk Back Missoula,” Newstalk KGVO, 1/20/17) Minute 52:29-52:45

VIDEO: In A February 2017 Interview, Quist Opposed Repealing ObamaCare. BOZEMAN MAGAZINE’s KEN THORSEN: “An issue that is in the forefront in the media these days is the Affordable Care Act. There is roughly some sixty odd thousand people, from how I understand it, in Montana that are relying on the Affordable Care Act. And there is mass consensus that it needs to be fixed or replaced or repealed. Can it be fixed? Or does it have to be repealed and replaced? What would you like to see as that solution?” QUIST: “Well I think it needs to be—we can’t repeal it because there are so many people that are relying on it now, and I think if we just scrap the whole thing and start over there’s—I heard somebody say that to repeal this, you have to choose ten people that would die, which would be okay for that to happen in order for us to repeal it. But you know, I’ve had personal experiences with it too, which I probably can’t get into now, but of course I’ve played for many benefits for people, and we’ve all contributed to GoFundMe sites. So the fact that they want to scrap the whole thing. I think that, there’s been many a chance over the years to fix the Affordable Health Care Act, but they’ve all been met with stone walls, and now I think that the fact that they just want to scrap the whole thing and start over, we just can’t do that.” (Rob Quist, Interview With Ken Thorsen Of Bozeman Magazine, 2/16/17) Minute 5:58-7:14