Obamacare premiums are up 106% in GA, yet Ossoff defends status quo

Average monthly premiums are up by a whopping 106 percent in Georgia, from $209 in 2013 to $431 in 2017 under Obamacare, according to a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Yet Jon Ossoff continues to defend the status quo.

When asked if he would have voted for Obamacare in 2010, Ossoff said, “I think I would have supported it.” Ossoff also seems to think repealing Obamacare makes “no sense,” meanwhile, Georgia families are seeing their costs rise.

When it comes to health care, Georgia families simply can’t afford Ossoff’s out-of-touch liberal agenda.


When Asked In April 2017 If He Would Have Voted For Obamacare In 2010, Ossoff Said “… I Think I Would Have Supported It.” CABRERA: “Healthcare is a big domestic policy issue right now in the spotlight. Republicans are trying to tackle this repeal/replace without Democrats. Would you have voted for ObamaCare in 2010, if you were a member?” OSSOFF: “Well, given that it brought critical consumer protections, that now I think have been widely recognized in Congress as essential to young people, to women, to folks with pre-existing conditions, I think I would have supported it. But I can tell you this, there’s plenty of room for improvement. And what we need to do now, I mean I’m interested, there’s, there’s so much interest in looking backwards. I don’t think that voters, and the American people, are interested in looking backwards. I think they’re interested in looking forwards. And looking forwards, we need to fix what’s broken in ObamaCare and keep what works.” CABRERA: “Okay.” (Jon Ossoff, Interview With CNN’s Ana Cabrera, 4/20/17)

In A March 2017 Ad, Ossoff Said That Repealing Obamacare “Makes No Sense.” OSSOFF: “I’m Jon Ossoff, and I’ll work with anyone to do what’s right for our country, and Georgia. We need to attract more high-tech and research jobs to the area. Cutting wasteful spending: it’s not a partisan issue. And we can find common ground to fix ObamaCare while keeping what works. Repealing it makes no sense. But when President Trump embarrasses our country, or acts recklessly, I’ll hold him accountable. That’s why I approve this message.” (“Accountable,” Jon Ossoff For Congress, 3/3/17) Minute 0:00 – 0:31