No-Show Nolan

So President Obama is in MN this afternoon. And where is Congressman Rick Nolan? Not with President Obama.

Given Rick Nolan’s wholesale embrace of President Obama’s liberal policies like Obamacare, it’s surprising that he wouldn’t be in his home state today to champion the President’s plan to spend more tax dollars.

Unless President Obama’s policies just aren’t as popular as they used to be. A recent Star Tribune Minnesota survey found that President Obama has reached new lows in Minnesota:

  • 40% of Minnesotans polled have an unfavorable opinion of President Obama; 36% a favorable view.
  • 50% of Minnesotans polled disapprove of President Obama’s job performance; 43% approved.

And what could be a key driver of this unpopularity? The health care law that Rick Nolan supports.

While President Obama is recycling his “stimulus” economic proposals today, his health care law is one of the greatest threats to Minnesota’s economy. President Obama’s $30 Billion medical device tax alone hits over 400 Minnesota employers who provide over 30,000 Minnesota jobs.

And while Rick Nolan may claim to oppose the medical device tax, his voting record shows he voted against repealing it when given the chance.

With records like these against Minnesota jobs, maybe it’s better to not show up.

The Bottom Line:

Rick Nolan has been a champion of President Obama and his health care law to the point of even voting to keep the medical device tax against Minnesota jobs. But as Obamacare continues wrecking Minnesotans’ health care and jobs, will Rick Nolan try to run from the unpopular President and liberal policies he has championed or will he ask President Obama to campaign for him this year?