NH Journal: Group highlights additional $1.5 trillion in tax increases supported by Carol Shea-Porter

New Hampshire Journal
Oct. 16th,2012

Another week, another itemized list of massive tax hikes Carol Shea-Porter supported on the backs of Granite Staters, as compiled by the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF). Today, the group released the latest Carol ‘Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt, listing the tax increases Shea-Porter supported by voting against the Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010. The receipt also shows how Shea-Porter opted to raise taxes by voting to make permanent the 45 percent rate for the “Death Tax” just before it expired.

This week’s receipt includes The Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010, where her ‘no’ vote increased taxes by $800 billion, and the ‘Death Tax,’ a $700 billion dollar tax increase on assets that have already been taxed. The total bill for this week’s receipt amounts to $1.5 trillion in taxpayer dollars.

“Another week of costly tax increases on Granite Staters; another example of Carol Shea-Porter standing up for the Washington liberal tax and spend agenda,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Brook Hougesen in a statement, “The growing itemized list, which includes Shea-Porter’s support of the Death Tax and her opposition to the Middle Class Tax Relief Act, shows just how out-of-touch and extreme Shea-Porter is for New Hampshire.”

View this week’s Carol ‘Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt below, or visit CarolSheaPelosi.com: